If you are a retailer, please call 201-944-7025, for more info and a full wholesale catalog. Or email for a PDF of Spring Summer 2011, and Fall 2011.

Hotvelociti is a small company happily addicted to one of the best sports in the world, cycling!

We started the company because we wanted to see more unique designs and styles for cyclists —something that we could be excited about wearing while charging down the road.

In 2010 we’ve made many enhancements: we offer all of our jerseys in a new silky-soft fabric that provides 98% UV protection, a full zip with zipper pulls, inside tape seams on jerseys and specified sizing (race cut and recreational cut).

In 2010 we introduced bicycle dresses with matching shorts, and performance shorts for the serious rider.

We also now have a full custom apparel business for your cycling, triahlon, swim and run teams, all in one place.

Our quality and price will have you coming back for more year after year. Click here to see some of the companies we have made custom apparel for.

In the end, it’s all about the bike! Enjoy!

Jen Benepe

Please contact us at 201-944-7025 for both wholesale and retail orders.
Some pics from the Hotvelociti 2010 Fashion show and pole dancing party on Wednesday, taken by Daniel Epstein, www.goldtele.com

Coming in 2010: Hotvelociti Bike Dresses!
As featured in Daily Distractions on Pez Cycling. Please contact custserv@hotvelociti.com for pre-orders, a preview of the 2010 collection and more information.


As written in BicycleNewsWire,
"If you're looking for something new and different, Hotvelociti may be just the ticket! With their fabulous art designs, bright colors, and stunning graphics, they'll make your clothing rack finally stand out."